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Dagobert Soergel
College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

TermMaster: Software for Creating and Maintaining Thesauri and Ontologies.

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The construction and maintenance of thesauri and ontologies is complex business. It requires a database of many sources to exploit existing intellectual capital, the maintenance of a complex network of relationships of many types, distinction of application-specific subsets within an organization-wide thesaurus or ontology, and excellent facilities to produce meaningful presentations in print and on the Web. TermMaster, a legacy program developed over the years for the Alcohol and other Drug Thesaurus ( supports these functions with a rich set of features; write to for a free pre-beta version (for non-commercial purposes). But be forewarned: the program was developed for use by a small number of knowledgeable staff; it rates high on power but low on usability; it runs under DOS, and all functions are invoked through configuration files.
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