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Dagobert Soergel
College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

Concept analysis in thesaurus development: Prevention concepts in AOD 3.

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Concept analysis is perhaps the most important and certainly the most difficult task in thesaurus development. This presentation will address this task by discussing an example, the analysis and structuring of prevention concepts in the Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus, third edition. The completely revised structure is based on a careful analysis of the relevant literature, using facet analysis to clarify many confusions. Most concepts are defined in scope notes. Prevention concepts are often culturally and politically charged. Concept analysis can help to crystallize commonalities and differences. An international AOD (or ATOD) Thesaurus that is based on cross-cultural analysis, working out commonalities of definition and structure yet maintaining differences with clear explication, might increase comparability of research results and facilitate communication among program planners and policy makers from different countries.

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Stockholm, Oct. 25-27, 2001
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