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Dagobert Soergel
College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

Study on the feasibility of multilingual subject cataloging at the Swiss National Library

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Working report 1

First thoughts on issue (i): Suggestions for the organization of subject cataloging as the automated cataloging system is introduced.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Kuhlen - Universitšt Konstanz
Prof. Dr. Dagobert Soergel - University of Maryland
Postfach 5560, D-7750 Konstanz 4.6.1993

The new organisation of subject cataloging should meet the following goals:

  1. Processing of incoming materials without undue delay in spite of the shortage of personnel (which seems unlikely to change).
  2. Improved searchability for the users, exploiting the possibilities offered by automation.
  3. Integration of all catalogs now maintained in the library, including catalogs dealing with special materials.
  4. Access to the existing collection (called old collection in the following) so that the user finds both old and new materials in one search (long-range goal). At the very least, the user searching the new system should be referred to the appropriate places (keywords, class numbers) where to look in the old system. The access to the old collection is of particular importance in the Swiss National Library, since materials in area studies (Landeskunde) and history do not become outdated.
  5. Linkage to other relevant collections, especially to the Parliament Library Bern, to historical libraries, to Swiss national and provincial archives, and to university libraries. This is a long-range goal, but it should be considered in the overall planning.
  6. Production of printed information services, such as Schweizer Buch and Schweizer Buecherverzeichnis.
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