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LBSC690 Information Technology

(last updated on 11/09)

Dagobert Soergel       Derric D'Souza
Room 4101       Room 4111N
Office: 301-405-2037       Main Office mailbox 22
Cell: 703-585-2840       ddsouza AT umd.edu
E-mail: dsoergel AT umd.edu       Meeting by appointment
Office Hours: W 12-1pm & 4-5pm        
Main Office mailbox 22        

Database Tutorial
Database Fundamentals
ER Diagram
Building a Sample DB in MS-Access

Online Tutorials
Keyboard shortcuts for Windows
Building an Access Database From the Ground Up
Using MS Word Advanced Find and Replace Function
Tutorial for HTML, CSS, SQL, XML, Scripting etc ...
Online Tutorial for Excel Sheet
Tutorial on Macro in Word
Tutorial on Word

Assignment - 2 {Self-Graded}
Objective: Publish your own webpage
1. Get a WAM account http://www.helpdesk.umd.edu/os/unix/accounts/wam/
2. F-Secure SSH (for Win FTP) http://www.helpdesk.umd.edu/documents/4/4313/
3. Fugu (for Mac OS X FTP) http://www.helpdesk.umd.edu/documents/4/4528/
4. Publishing Web Pages http://www.helpdesk.umd.edu/documents/1/1364/

Assignment - 1 {Self-Graded}
Objectives:      1. Understand the translation of an entity-relationship conceptual data schema into table definitions for a relational database.

2.Understand how a relational database can be queried, especially, how data from several tables can be combined in an answer.
Tasks:      1. Define a table in Microsoft Access and enter some data

2. Run some SQL queries in a MS Access database
Deliverables:      Printouts of the Table T5COFInstructor (showing the data you entered), of the definitions of Queries 4a - c/d, and of the query results.
File:      University.mdb
Solution_1:      University_Solution.mdb
Solution_2:      Queries Solution
Solution_3:      Tables Solution