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A Books

Klassifikationssysteme und Thesauri. Eine Anleitung zur Herstellung von Klassifikationssystemen und Thesauri im Bereich der Dokumentation.
(Classification systems and thesauri. A guide to the construction of classification schemes and thesauri for use in documentation.)
Frankfurt/M: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dokumentation; 1969. 244p.


Dokumentation und Organisation des Wissens. Versuch einer methodischen und theoretischen Grundlegung am Beispiel der Sozialwissenschaften.
(Documentation and organization of knowledge. An inquiry into the methodological and theoretical foundations with particular reference to the Social Sciences.)
Berlin: Duncker und Humblot; 1971. 380p.
(Ordo Politicus 13) (Doctoral dissertation)

A3 Indexing languages and thesauri: Construction and maintenance.
Los Angeles, CA: Melville; 1974. 632p., 72 fig., ca 850 ref.
(Wiley Information Science Series)
(Based on A1, but completely revised and enlarged)
B Journal articles and conference papers
B0 Mathematical analysis of documentation systems. Paper presented at the International Federation of Documentation (FID) Congress 1965 Oct. 10-15. Washington, DC. p. 88 (abstract). Based on master thesis, see B3).
B1 Problems of documentation in sociology. Requirements and possibilities as seen from the point of view of a documentalist.
Paper for the 6th World Congress of Sociology, Evian, Switzerland, 1966. 9.4-11.
B2 Bericht über das International Symposium on Relational Factors in Classification, University of Maryland, USA. 8.-11 June 1966.
Nachrichten für Dokumentation. 1966.8; 17(4): 137-138.
B3 Mathematical analysis of documentation systems. An attempt at a theory of classification and search request formulation.
Information Storage and Retrieval. 1967.7; 3(3): 129-173.
(Revised version of master thesis)
B4 Some remarks on information languages, their analysis and comparison.
Information Storage and Retrieval. 1967.12; 3(4): 219-291.
(Paper presented at the International Symposium on Relational Factors in Classification, University of Maryland. 1966.6.8-11)

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B5 Vorschläge zu einem universellen Daten-Erfassungs-Schema für die Literatur-Dokumentation. (Proposals for a universal scheme for the recording of bibliographic data.)
Nachrichten für Dokumentation. 1969.10; 20(5): 205-11.
B6 With Katharina Hubben.
Staatslexikon, Ergänzungsband l. Freiburg: Herder; 1969: 593-602.
B7 With Karl Furmaniak.
The description of statistical tables: a problem in data documentation.
American Society for Information Science. Proceedings. 1970; 7: 331-336.
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B8 Invited comments on Andreae et.al. GEOCODE: A computer code system for administrative divisions with a boundary correcting analysis program.
Social Science Information. 1970.4; 9(2): 75-81.
B9 A general model for indexing languages: The basis for compatibility and integration.
Subject Retrieval in the Seventies - New Directions
New York: Greenwood; College Park, Md.: University of Maryland, School of Library and Information Services; 1972: 36-61.
B10 Mathematical models in the theory of classification: An illustration.
Demonstration lecture at the American Library Association Conference/LED Teachers Section Program, Dallas, Texas, June 22, 1971.
B11 A universal source thesaurus as a classification generator.
J. Amer. Soc. for Info. Sci. 1972.9; 23(5): 229-305.
B12 Theoretical problems of thesaurus construction with particular reference to concept formation.
In: Petoefi et.al. ed. Fachsprache - Umgangssprache.
Kronberg, Ts: Scriptor; 1975: 355-381.
(Invited paper presented at the Symposium "Fachsprachliche Texte-Umgangssprachliche Kommunikation", Bad Homburg, Germany. 1974.1.)
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Bl3 Automatic and semi-automatic methods as an aid in the construction of indexing languages and thesauri.
International Classification. 1974; 1(1): 34-39.
Revised version of Chapter H of A3.
B14 With Valery Leonov.
Compressing and abstracting of information and information utilities.
American Society for Information Science. Proceedings. 1974.10; 11: 46-49.
B15 With Marcia Bates.
A modern integrated introduction to library and information services.
American Society for Information Science/SIG-ED News. 1974.11; (ED-1): 7-11.
(Presented at the ASIS meeting. 1974.10.15. Technical Session of SIG/Education for Information Science.)
B16 Trends in dissertation research.
Paper presented at the Meeting of the American Association of Library Schools, Research Interest Group. Chicago, IL: 1976.1.
B17 Is user satisfaction a hobgoblin?
J. Amer. Soc. for Info. Sci. 1976.7; 27(4): 256-259.
B18 An automated encyclopedia -- a solution of the information problem?
International Classification. 1977; 4(1): 4-10. 1977; 4(2): 81-89. (Based on some sections of the dissertation.)
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B19 With Katherine Packer.
The importance of SDI for current awareness in fields with severe scatter of information. J. Amer. Soc. for Info. Sci. 1975.5; 30(3): 125-135.
B20 The Broad System of Ordering -- A critique
Int. Forum on Information and Documentation. 1979.7; 4(3): 21-24.
C Book Reviews

Das Informationsbankensystem. (The information bank network).
Information Storage and Retrieval. 1974.5; 10(5/6): 231-233.

C2 Lancaster, F. W. Vocabulary control for information retrieval. Washington: Information Resources Press; 1972.
International Classification. 1975; 2(1): 49-52.
C3 Hutchins, W. J. Languages of indexing and classification: A linguistic study of structures and functions. Stevenage, England: Peter Peregrinus 1975, 148 p.
Library Quarterly. 1977.4; 47(2): 194-196.
C4 Scheele, Martin. Ordnung und Wortschatz des Wissens. Entwurf zu einem Überblick über das menschliche Wissen auf der Grundlage der Wörter. (Order and vocabulary of knowledge on the basis of the terms found in natural language.)
International Classification. 1978; 5(2): 113-115.
C5 Svenonius, Elaine. String indexing. 3 v. London, Ontario: School of Library and Information Science, University of Western Ontario; 1977.
Library Quarterly. 1979.10; 49(4): 465-466.
D Reports, unpublished manuscripts, projects
D0 Outline of an algorithm for the analysis and comparison of classification systems. Freiburg: Dagobert Soergel; 1965. May 30 p. , appendices. Available from the author.
D1 Report on the information retrieval systems of three European data archives.
Cologne: Zentralarchiv für empirische Sozialforschung; 1969.11. 139 p.
D2 Various reports on a computerized information storage and retrieval system for data sets (with particular reference to labor market research) developed at DATUM 1969-1970.
D3 With Joseph Donohue.
Information support planning document for the Bureau of Foods.
Washington, D.C.: 1973.7. 143 p. (not for quotation)
D4 A blueprint for information services in the Smithsonian Institution.
Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution; 1976.7. 232 p. (not for quotation)
D5 A personal classification of information science.
University of Maryland, 1977.
D6 Structural outline of topics dealt with in three courses (ISAR, Data Processing, Special Libraries) and their logical interrelationships.
University of Maryland, 1977.4.
E Index languages/thesauri
E1 Primary compiler
Vorläufiger Thesaurus (Fachwörter-Verzeichnis) für die sozial- und kulturwissenschaftliche Entwicklungsländer-
(Preliminary thesaurus for documentation on socio-cultural problems of the developing countries.)
Freiburg/Br.: Forschungsstelle für Weltzivilisation; 1964.3. 40 p.

Meldeformular. (Document analysis sheet.) 5. veränderte Auflage.
Freiburg/Br.: Forschungsstelle für Weltzivilisation; 1966.5. 4 p.
E2 Primary compiler, first phase
SWP Thesaurus. (A thesaurus in the area of political planning.)
Ebenhausen: Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik; 1968.
E3 Klassifikationssystem der für die Arbeitsmarktforschung relevanten Sachverhalte (Classification scheme of topics pertinent to labor market research.)
Bad Godesberg: DATUM; 1970.8.



A Books
A4 Organizing information. Principles of data base and retrieval systems.
Orlando, Fl: Academic Press; 1985. 450 p.
A5 Arbeitsplatzsysteme, on-line Handbücher, Datenmodellierung, Dialog-Gestaltung. Beiträge zum Entwurf von Informationssystemen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Chemie. (Work station systems, on-line handbooks, data modeling, user interface design. Contributions on the design of information systems with special reference to chemistry.)
Frankfurt a.M.: Gesellschaft für Information und Dokumentation; December 1987.
B Journal articles and conference papers
B21 A systems approach to automated information storage and retrieval in archives.
McCrank, Lawrence J. Automating the archives. White Plains, NY: Knowledge Industry Publications; 1981: 253-261.
B22 Joint editor (with Charles Claydon) of Drexel Library Quarterly special issue on Numeric Data Bases, 1982 Summer/Fall; 19(3-4): 1-219.
B23 Structure and Construction of Numeric Data Bases.
Drexel Library Quarterly. 1982, Summer/Fall; 19(3-4): 135-146.
B24 Data models for integrated thesauri.
Invited paper presented at the Pre-conference workshop on Compatibility of Index Languages at the American Society for Information Science Annual Meeting, Oct. 17, 1982, Columbus, Ohio.
B25 With Raya Fidel.
Factors Affecting Online Bibliographic Searching.
J. Amer. Soc. for Info. Sci. 1983.5; 34(3): 163-180.
B26 Logo Illustrations.
Washington Apple Pi. 1983.5; 5(5): 10-11, 17.
B27 A Program of Logo Instruction: Objectives and Methods. Washington Apple Pi. 1983.5; 5(5): 20-21.
B28 With E.C. Smith, J.H. Holden, A. McCann, and R.C. Wiley
The FDA's Factored Food Vocabulary (FFV).
Poster presented at the 9th National Nutrient Data Bank Conference. 1984.
B29 Organizing information for problem solving.
Bull. Amer. Soc. for Info. Sci. 1986.12; 13(2): 24-25.
(Invited note with material from A4.)
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B30 Thesaurus project survey.
Currents (American Society for Information Science. Potomac Valley Chapter). 1987.3;:4-5
B31 A course in knowledge representation as the foundation of the new information studies curriculum. A proposal.
Presentation at the 50th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science. Boston, MA, October 4-8, 1987. SIG-ED Session on Tuesday, October 6.
B32 A. McCann, J.A.T. Pennington, E.C. Smith, J.H. Holden, D. Soergel, and R.C. Wiley.
Development of the Food and Drug Administration's Factored Food Vocabulary.
Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 1988.3; 88(3): 336-341.
B33 How does one design a database?
Paper presented at the New York Library Association Conference, Academic and Special Libraries Section, Buffalo, NY, October 13, 1988.
[Outline] [Full Text PDF]
B34 Improved access to the LC Classification and the LC Subject Headings for online searchers and catalogers through conceptual analysis
Presented in the Distinguished Seminar Series, OCLC, Dublin, OH, March 14, 1989.
B35 Investigating the structure of LCC and LCSH. Developing a knowledge base.
Annual Review of OCLC research. July 1989 - June 1990. Dublin, OH: OCLC; 1990. p. 54-55.
C Book Reviews
C6 Essential problems in terminology for informatics and documentation. FID Publication, no. 569. And Theoretical problems of informatics: New trends in informatics and its terminology. FID Publication, no. 568.
Library Quarterly. 1980.10; 50(4): 509-5l0.
C7 Van Duyn. J. Developing a data dictionary system. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall; 1982.
Information Processing and Management. 1983; 19(4): 265-266.
C8 Brodie, M.L.; Mylopoulos, J.; Schmidt, J.W. (Eds.): On conceptual modelling. Perspectives from artificial intelligence, databases, and programming languages. New York, NY etc.: Springer; 1984. 510 p.
International Classification, 1986: 13(1): 45
C9 Deutscher Bundestag. Gruppe Datenverabeitung: Struktur des Thesaurus für Parlamentsmaterialien. PARTHES. Formaler Aufbau und Datenverarbeitungs- Konzept. (Structure of the Thesaurus for Parliamentary Materials. PARTHES. Formal structure and data processing concepts.) Munich, etc.: K.G. Saur 1985. 146 p.
International Classification. 1986; 13(2): 105.
C10 Lancaster, F.W. Vocabulary control for information retrieval. 2. ed. Arlington, VA: Information Resources Press; 1986. 262 p.
Journal of Academic Librarianship. 1987.7; : 173
C11 Smith, Milburn D. III. Information and records management: a decision-makers guide to systems planning and implementation. Westport, CN: Greenwood; 1986. 285 p.
Computing Reviews. 1987.9; 28(9): 468. (#8709-0734).
C12 Panyr, Jiri. Automatische Klassifikation und Information Retrieval. Anwendung und Entwicklung komplexer Verfahren in Information-Retrieval-Systemen und ihre Evaluierung. (Automatic classification and information retrieval. Publication and development of complex procedure in information retrieval systems and their evaluation. Tübingen: Niemeyer; 1986. 416 p.
International Classification. 1988; 15(1): 42.
C13 Markey, Karen. Subject Access to Visual Resources Collections: A Model for Computer Construction of Thematic Catalogs. New York: Greenwood; 1986. 189 p. (ISBN 0-313-24031-0) LC 86-7658.
College and Research Libraries. 1988.9; 49(5): 473-475.
C14 Fensterer, Richard. Communications and networking. Westport, CT: Meckler; 1988. 219 p. (Essential guide to Apple Computers. v. 3.)
Computing Reviews. 1989.
D Reports, unpublished manuscripts, projects
D7 Design of an intelligent database guide.
Small project funded by the Ministry for Research and Technology, Federal Republic of Germany, 1986.
D8 Langual manual.
Prepared by the Langual (formerly Factored Food Vocabulary) Committee of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA.
Primary authors D. Soergel and Anne McCann.
D9 Design of an Interlinked Food Description (IFD) Database. A New Food Description System. Expanded and revised from the initial Factored Food Vocabulary. Including a conceptual schema and procedures for the use of the new system.
Prepared for the National Cancer Institute. Diet and Cancer Branch. June 20, 1988.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
F Publications on preschools for at-risk children
F1 D. Soergel, F. Johnson, H. Pratt, and I. Crocker.
White paper. A head start for children at risk in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Alexandria, VA: Virginia Citizens for Preschool Education; November 1987. 10p.
F2 D. Soergel, F. Johnson, H. Pratt, and I. Crocker.
VCPE action manual on community participation in shaping public policy for at-risk preschool children.
Alexandria, VA: Virginia Citizens for Preschool Education; April 1989. 140 p.



A Books
A6 The Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus. A guide to concepts and terminology in substance abuse and addiction (AOD Thesaurus).
Rockville, MD: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP). 1993. 3. ed. 2000
(Chief designer and development consultant, developer of the thesaurus management software used, and chair of the Thesaurus Advisory Committee.)
B Journal articles and conference papers
B36 Beyond facets: Semantic roots and modifiers.
Proceedings of the 2nd American Society for Information Science/SIG-CR Classification Research Workshop. Held at the 54th ASIS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Oct. 27, 1991. Washington, DC: ASIS. p.149-158. (Advances in Classification Research. v. 3)
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B37 On the structure of hypertext and retrieval systems: A unifying view.
Paper presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science, Washington, DC, Oct. 27 - 31, 1991.
B38 D. Soergel, J.A.T. Pennington, A. McCann, J.H. Holden, E.C. Smith, and R.C. Wiley.
A network model for improving access to food and nutrition data.
Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 1992.1; 92(1): 78-82.
B39 D. Soergel, A. McCann, J.A.T. Pennington, J.H. Holden, E.C. Smith, and R.C. Wiley.
Improving access to food and nutrition data. 2. A language for the description of foods in databases.
To be submitted to the Journal of Food Composition Data.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B40 Xia Lin, Dagobert Soergel, and Gary Marchionini
A self-organizing semantic map for information retrieval.
Proceedings of the 14th International ACM/SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. New York: ACM Press; 1991. p. 262-269.
B41 New vistas for knowledge-based support for complex organizations.
Paper presented at the 55th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science, Pittsburgh, PA,, Oct. 25 - 29, 1992.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B42 Soergel, Dagobert; Helfert, Samantha.
The AOD thesaurus: A new tool for organizing resource files in RADAR and other agencies.
Paper presented at the 15th Annual SALIS Conference, San Francisco, CA, 1993 Oct. 3-6. (Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists)
B43 Lin, Xia; Marchionini, Gary; Soergel, Dagobert.
Category-based and association-based map displays by human subjects.
American Society for Information Science/SIG-CR Classification Research Workshop. 1993; 4: 147-164.
B44 Wang, Peiling; Soergel, Dagobert.
Beyond topical relevance: Document selection behavior of real users of IR systems.
American Society of Information Science Annual Meeting Proc. 1993; 30: 87-92.
B45 Information Structure Management. A unified framework for indexing and searching in database, expert, information-retrieval, and hypermedia systems.
Challenges in Indexing Electronic Text and Images. Medford, NJ: Learned Information; 1994. Chapter 7, p. 111 - 156.
A much expanded version of B37.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B46 Indexing and retrieval performance: The logical evidence.
J. Amer. Soc. for Info. Sci. 1994.9; 45(8): 589-599. (Invited paper)
Reprinted in From classification to "knowledge organization": Dorking revisited or "Past is prelude" / Edited by Alan Gilchrist. - The Hague: FID, 1997. - xiv, 186 p. - (FID pub. no. 714; FID Occasional paper 14). - ISBN 92 66 00 714 5
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B47 The Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT): A critical appraisal.
Visual Resources. 1995; 10(4): 369-400.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF Long Version] [Full Text PDF Short Version]
B48 The Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus: a tool for collaboration.
Paper presented at the 6th Annual ELISAD meeting, Utrecht, The Netherlands, October 7, 1994.
(ELISAD = European Association of Libraries and Information Services on Alcohol and Other Drugs)
B49 Software support for thesaurus construction and display.
Proceedings of the 5th ASIS SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop. Held at the 57th ASIS Annual Meeting, Oct. 16-20, 1994, Alexandria, VA.
Silver Spring, MD: American Society for Information Science. Special Interest Group / Classification Research. 1994.10; 5: 157-184. (Advances in Classification Research. v. 5)
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B50 A multifunctional, multilingual thesaurus (Panel Non-traditional Uses of Classification)
Invited paper presented at the 36th Allerton Institute. New Roles for Classification in Libraries and Information Networks. Oct. 23-25, 1994, Allerton Park, Monticello, IL (Sponsored by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
B51 with Kathleen Mullen
The NIAAA and CSAP Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus: A conceptual map and a tool for communication.
25th International Congress of the ICAA (International Council on Alcoholism and Addiction), San Diego, CA, August 22-24, 1995
B52 with Kathleen Mullen
The structure of the NIAAA and CSAP Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus.
25th International Congress of the ICAA (International Council on Alcoholism and Addiction), San Diego, CA, August 22-24, 1995
B53 with Kathleen Mullen and Andrea Mitchell
The AOD Thesaurus as a tool in research, writing, and program planning and evaluation. A tutorial.
25th International Congress of the ICAA (International Council on Alcoholism and Addiction), San Diego, CA, August 22-24, 1995
B54 Data models for an integrated thesaurus database.
Paper presented at the Research Seminar on Compatibility and Integration of Order Systems, Warsaw, Poland, September 13-15, 1995.
Published in Compatibility and Integration of Order Systems: Research Seminar. Proceedings of the TIP/ISKO Meeting. Issued by International Society for Knowledge Organization; Polish Library Association; Society for Professional Information. Warsaw: Wydaw. SBP; 1996. p. 47-57.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B55 Framework for data element standardization.
Proceedings of the 6th ASIS SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop. Held at the 58th ASIS Annual Meeting, Oct. 8, 1995, Chicago, IL. Medford, NJ: Information Today; 1998. p. 115-126. (Advances in Classification Research. v. 6)
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B56 Samantha Helfert and Dagobert Soergel
Adapting the AOD Thesaurus to a Small Collection
17th Annual SALIS Conference, Boston, MA, Nov. 12 - 15, 1995
B57 Kathleen Mullen and Dagobert Soergel
Changes Made to the AOD Thesaurus.
17th Annual SALIS Conference, Boston, MA, Nov. 12 - 15, 1995
B58 SemWeb. Proposal for an open, multifunctional, multilingual system for integrated access to knowledge base about concepts and terminology.
Proceedings of the Fourth International ISKO Conference, 15-18 July 1996, Washington, DC. Frankfurt/Main: Indeks Verlag; 1996. (Advances in Knowledge Organization, v. 5). p. 165-173
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B59 Software support for semantically well-structured thesauri. Paper presented at the invitational Getty Workshop on Semantic Systems, Los Angeles, CA, October 10-11, 1996.
[Full Text PDF]

Multilingual thesauri in cross-language retrieval. Paper presented at the AAAI-97 Spring Symposium Series. Cross-Language Text and Speech Retrieval. Stanford, CA March 24-26, 1997. Published in the Symposium Technical Report.
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Thesauri for knowledge-based assistance in searching digital libraries. Paper, DL97 Workshop on Thesauri and Metadata, Philadelphia, PA, July 26, 1997
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]


SemWeb. An environment for integrated access to distributed ontological and lexical knowledge bases and their collaborative development and maintenance. A proposal. Presented (by videotape) at the 2nd Workshop on Multilinguality in Software Industry: The AI Contribution (MULSAIC 97). August 25, 1997 (Workshop W21, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-97), Nagoya, Japan)
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Thesauri for knowledge-based assistance in searching digital libraries. Tutorial.
European Digital Library Conference, Pisa, August 31, 1997;
European Digital Library Conference, Heraklion, Crete, Sept. 20, 1998;
Fourth ACM Conference on Digital Libraries (DL 99), Berkeley, CA Aug. 11, 1999;
DL 00 /HT2000 is San Antonio, TX, June 4, 2000; JCDL 2001, Roanoke, VA; ECDL 2002 Rome, Italy
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]

New version of this tutorial, expanded by a second part
Thesauri and ontologies in digital libraries
Part 1. Structure and use in knowledge-based assistance to users
Part 2. Design, evaluation, and development

JCDL 01, Roanoke, VA, June 24, 2001; JCDL 2002 Portland, OR
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]

B64 An information science manifesto. Remarks at the acceptance of the ASIS Award of Merit, American Society for Information Science, Washington DC, November 1997. Published in Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science. December 1997/January 1998; 24(2): 10-12.
[Full Text HTML] [Full Text PDF]
B65 Wang, Peiling; Soergel, Dagobert. A cognitive model of document use during a research project. Study I. Document selection. Journal of the American Society for Information Science. February 1998; 49(2): 115-133. (Best JASIS Paper Award 1999)
B66 Problems and prospects in thesaurus construction. Report from Working group 4, 8th ASIS SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop , November 2, 1997, Washington D.C. USA. Reported, arranged, and edited by D. Soergel. Published in the proceedings.
[Full Text HTML] [Full Text PDF]
B67 Large multilingual vocabularies: structure and software requirements. Paper presented in the session Cross-Language Applications and Large-Scale Vocabularies at the 61st Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science, Pittsburgh, PA, 1998 October 25-29. Abstract in Proceedings, p. 572.
[Full Text PDF]
B68 SemWeb: integrated access to distributed classifications and lexical resources. Paper presented at ALA Annual Conference/LITA/Intelligent and Knowledge Based Systems Interest Group. New Orleans, LA, June 27, 1999.
B69 Multimodal surrogates for video browsing. With Wei Ding and Gary Marchionini.
Proceedings of the Fourth ACM Conference on Digital Libraries (DL 99), Berkeley, CA Aug. 11, 1999, p.85-93.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B70 The rise of ontologies or the reinvention of classification
Journal of the American Society for Information Science. September 1999; 50(12): 1119-1120.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B71 Enriched thesauri as networked knowledge bases for people and machines. Paper presented at the CENDI Conference Controlled Vocabulary and the Internet.
Bethesda, MD; 1999 September 29
A similar presentation at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Jan. 27, 2000
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B72 Performance of visual, verbal, and combined video surrogates. With Wei Ding and Gary Marchionini
Proceedings of the 62. ASIS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Oct. 31 - Nov. 5, 1999. Medford, NJ: Information Today. p. 651-664.
B73 The need for (and feasibility of developing) a standard set of tools which show semantic relationships among terms, as aids to text and information analysis and retrieval. Invited presentation at the NISO/ASI/ALCTS Workshop on Electronic Thesauri: Planning for a Standard. Washington, DC Nov. 4-5, 1999.
C Book Reviews

Pao, Miranda Lee. Concepts of information retrieval. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited; 1989. 285p.
Library Quarterly. 1990.1; 60(1): 83-84.

C16 Laffal, Julius. A concept dictionary of English with computer programs for concept analysis. Essex, CT: Gallery Press; 1990.
Information Processing and Management. 1991; 27(6): 737-738.
C17 Nelson, Nancy M., ed. Technology for the '90s: microcomputers in libraries
C18 Harvey, Brian. Computer science Logo style. v.1: Symbolic computing. v. 2: Advanced techniques. v.3: Beyond programming. Cambridge. MA: MIT Press; 1997.
Computing Reviews. 1998.5; 39(5): 251-253.
C19 Christiane Fellbaum, ed., with a preface by George Miller. WordNet. An electronic lexical database. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press; 1998. 423 p. Illustrations, Index.
D-lib Magazine. 1998.10. (An extensive seven-page review)
[Full Text HTML] [Full Text PDF]
C20 National Research Council. Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education.
Developing a digital national library for undergraduate science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education. Report of a workshop.

National Academy Press, Washington, DC 1998, 128 pp. ISBN 0-309-05977-1
Also www.nap.edu/readingroom/books/dlibrary
and 3 related workshop reports.
Computing Reviews 1999.10; 40(10); p. 469-471 (Review no 9910-0755)
D Reports, unpublished manuscripts, projects
D10 with Rainer Kuhlen
Studie zur Machbarkeit einer mehrsprachigen Sacherschliessung in der Scweizerischen Landesbibliothek. (Study of the feasibility of multilingual subject access at the Swiss National Library.)
Konstanz, Germany: GAIK; October 1993.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
E Index languages/thesauri
E4 Member of working group
Factored food vocabulary (Langual, Langue Alimentaire).
Washington, D.C.: Bureau of Foods (work still in progress)

See also A6, Alcohol and Other Drugs Thesaurus.



A Books
A7 Soergel, Dagobert; Srinivasan, Padmini; Kwasnik, Barbara, Editors
Classification for User Support and Learning. Proceedings of the 11th ASIS&T SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop.
Silver Spring, Maryland: American Society for Information Science and Technology. Special Interest Group/Classification Research; November 2000
To be published as Advances in Classification Research 11 by Information Today
B Journal articles and conference papers
B74 ASIST SIG/CR Classification Workshop 2000. Classification for user support and learning. Report.
[A 3500 word substantive summary, followed by an analysis into 8 themes in classification research.]
Bulletin of the American Society of Information Science and Technology. April/May 2001; 27(4): 15-21 and
Knowledge Organization. 2000; 27(3): 165-172.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B75 The representation of Knowledge Organization Structure (KOS) data. a multiplicity of standards
Paper presented at the JCDL 2001 NKOS Workshop Roanoke, VA 2001-6-28.
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B76 TermMaster: Software for Creating and Maintaining Thesauri and Ontologies.
D-Lib Magazine. September 2001; 7(9).
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B77 Concept analysis in thesaurus construction. The example of prevention in the Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus 3rd edition.
Paper presented at the ELISAD Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, October 25-27, 2001
[Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
B78 The many uses of classification: Enriched thesauri as knowledge sources.
Keynote address, ASIS SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop 12. 2001-11-4
[Full Text PDF]
B79 Samuel Gustman, Dagobert Soergel, Douglas Oard, William Byrne, Michael Picheny, Bhuvana Ramabhadran, and Douglas Greenberg
Supporting Access to Large Digital Oral History Archives
Joint Conference on Digital Libaries, Portland, OR, July 14-18, 2002. Proceedings p. 18-27.
B80 Anita Komlodi, Dagobert Soergel
Attorneys Interacting with Legal Information Systems: Tools for Mental Model Building and Task Integration
ASIST Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, November 18-21, 2002
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B81 A Framework for Speech Retrieval
ASIST Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, November 18-21, 2002. Panel on Access to Large Spoken Archives: Uses and Technology. (Also panel moderator)
B82 The structure of taxonomies: Facets and hierarchy
Presentation at Practical Taxonomies, New York, NY, Nov. 18-20, 2002
B83 The many uses of enriched thesauri and ontologies in the ATOD field
SALIS meeting Berkeley, California, April 23,  2004
B84 Building a rich ontology from AGROVOC
FAO Agricultural Ontology Server Workshop Beijing, April 27-29, 2004
D Reports, unpublished manuscripts, projects
D11 Design of an integrated information structure interface. A unified framework for indexing and searching in database, expert, information retrieval, and hypermedia systems.
College Park, MD: University of Maryland. College of Information Studies; January 2000
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