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Week00 -
For entire course
Digital copy of course materials (useful for searching)
Part 1. What is research and why do we need it? Research topic (Wildemuth Parts 1 & 2)
General introduction to the course
01.2 What is research and why do we need it?
02.1 Research supporting practice. Assessment and action research. Part 1
02.2 Research supporting practice. Part 2
Part 2. General ways of gaining knowledge (Some chapters from Wildemuth Parth 3)
03.1 General ways of gaining knowledge. Overview
03.2 Developing a research topic/research problem and research questions
04.1 Work on Deliverable D2 Definition of Research Topics
04.2 Research and the complexities of reality. A cautionary tale from education
05.1 Variables and measurement
05.2 a Research ethics. b Interdisciplinary research and team science
06.1 Research method principles everywhere: Ideas and inspriation

3a Research design by basic approach to gaining insight.

3b The qualitative-quantitative research continuum
Part 3. Research design by scope, participants, context, and overall protocol (Wildemuth Part 3)
06.2 3a Research Design by scope of study and sampling

3a1 Studies of limited scope or extent

3a2 Studies of larger Scope. Extensive Studies
07.1 3b Studies by population studied

3c Studies by how phenomena are followed over time
07.2 3d Research by context/environment

3e Research design by role of participant

3f Research design by getting individual opinion vs getting consesus opinion
Part 4. Sources of Data and Methods for Data Collection
08.1 4a Existing documents as data sources
08.2 4b Observation (of individual participants, groups, events...)
09.1 4c Eliciting free-form, mostly spoken answers to open-ended questions
09.2 4d Eliciting or scale value answers to closed questions.

4e Specific types of variables
Part 5. Methods of Data Analysis
10.1-2 5a Methods for qualitative analysis

5b Methods for qualitative and structural analysis (qualitative or quanitative)
11.1-2 5c Statistical analysis
12.1-2 5c Statistical Analysis, continued

(Part 6. Conclusions from Wildemuth)
Part 7. Concluding Course Activites
13.1-2 Work on research proposal and essay with instructor feeback
Work on research proposal and essay with instructor feedback